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December 10th 7PM CET

Panel Discussion “Aesthetic Surgery and Psyche” - Free event held in Italian

Carlo Gasperoni MD
Angelo Trivisonno MD
Simona Abate Psychologist

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November 12th 2018 - 6.30PM CET

Panel discussion focused on Aesthetic medicine: Myth, reality and safeness.
Free event held in Italian

Carlo Gasperoni MD
Emanuele Bartoletti MD
Angelo Trivisonno MD
Paolo Gasperoni MD

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October 6th 2018 - 12 PM CEST

Breast Augmentation Course - Held in English
Live streamed surgery 

Carlo Gasperoni MD: Submuscolar breast augmentation with periareolar approach. Personal technique

Marzia Salgarello MD: dual plane breast augmentation through periareolar approach with focus on submammary fold

Angelo Trivisonno MD: will perform a Breast Augmentation with Macrofat

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September 3rd 2018 - 18:30 PM CEST

Panel discussion about Face rejuvenation.
Free event held in Italian.

Carlo Gasperoni MD
Valerio Cervelli MD
Angelo Trivisonno MD
Steven R. Cohen MD